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The Industrial Design Society of Shunde is a local, professional and non-profit social organization. Its purpose promotes cooperation, contact and exchanges among industrial design enterprises, institutions and individuals.


To offer all-round core values for member enterprises
To recommend the best design schemes for brand enterprises
To explore the most valuable brands for design agencies
To provide the government with leading industrial policy guidance

Association Functions


To represent the common interest of all enterprises in the industry.


As a bridge between the government and enterprises, it conveys the common requiremnents of enterprises to the government; assists the government to formulate and implement development planning, industrial policies, administrative regulations, and relevant laws.


To establish and execute standard setting, and to coordinate operating behavior among the enterprises in the industry.


It main supervise the quality of products and service, competition method, and the operatioon style of the industry to maintain industry reputation and fair competiotion. AvoidinAg to happen illegal or irregular behaviors.

The Industrial Design Society of Shunde

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